The worst legislative bill of 2019 is on the fall ballot.


Individual special interests, many out of state, have donated up to $500,000 EACH to this scam. One billionaire donated $500,000 and the other donated ONE MILLION DOLLARS, so far.

The big spenders who want  to take your state tax refunds FOREVER have now put $4 MILLION in their CC campaign to steal your refunds from you. Your only way to fight back is to follow the PLAN OF ACTION below. Do it NOW!


Read the flier and you will agree. Its 14 points compel a “NO” vote this No-vember. The audacity and greed of state politicians is astounding. How dumb do they think we are?

  1. Print the Flier, on as many hundreds of sheets as you can, since paper is only a penny a sheet.
  2. Print on the back side of those fliers the bar chart titled "Total State Spending."
  3. Distribute those sheets at Walmart or other busy EXIT doors. NO conversation is needed; just say "Please vote." You can distribute 200+ per hour. If customers stop to talk, urge them to go to the website printed at the bottom of the Flier you gave them, and read this Plan of Action and do it themselves. Include distribution to social media and email to all Colorado adults they know.
  4. Repeat weekly through October 31. Through redistribution, you will influence many thousands of votes to save your tax refunds and save your RIGHT TO VOTE.

They start CC saying, “Without raising taxes,” a lie. They want to keep your refunds of excess taxation. If you lose them, you pay more in total taxes than if you get them. That’s a tax increase--in this case, $1.7 BILLION in higher net taxes. Read on.


When legislators put CC on the ballot (with only one Republican vote), they were told no tax refunds were expected. New staff estimates predict up to $1.7 BILLION in tax refunds of excess state taxes over the next three years. See Documents and news articles on this website.


Feeling sorry for our “poor state government?” See the Total State Spending chart, showing state spending has zoomed from $9 BILLION to $40.9 BILLION over 25 years. That is a 354% increase. Poor babies! (P. S. Billions of that are kept illegally.)


Si, si” is “yes, yes” in Spanish, but CC is NO-NO in Colorado.


Politicians will break the listed spending promises next year; that’s politics as usual.


They lied to us in 2005, so 52% of voters allowed them a “five-year time out” from refunding excess state revenue ABOVE its growth of hundreds of millions yearly. They claimed they faced cuts in state revenue. FACT: Total state spending has grown steadily since TABOR passed in 1992. If it ever declined, there would be no refund. Refunds occur only AFTER the state gets its automatic increase. Government growth in recessions takes bigger shares of shrinking pies. That’s unfair, and bad economics.


Their “five-year time out” expired in 2010. So far, they have averaged over ONE BILLION DOLLARS yearly in illegal revenue growth--$18 BILLION total. Since 2014, it has exceeded $2 BILLION yearly. State-owned “businesses” yearly spend 27 times their 1992 sum. It was the most expensive lie in state history.


Their trick was Referendum C. No regular law can amend the state constitution; they didn’t care. The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights already allows automatic increases; they didn’t care. TABOR requires they seek “dollar amounts” yearly; they didn’t care.


Now they’re doubling down. “Double C,” on the ballot 14 years later, lasts forever.

The stakes are your most precious asset—your right to vote. They want to trick you into voting away your right to vote. Think of it. Even more cynically, they want you to vote away your children’s rights, and those of all Colorado citizens. Is it another illegal “time out?” No, it is FOREVER. Even if you dislike your own kids, or people in general, you can’t morally or legally do that.


Winning your right to vote on taxes, debt, and excess spending increases took nine elections since 1966. We had to defeat politicians, special interest groups, and the Establishment and Deep State. We finally said “the consent of the governed” are not just noble words in America’s Declaration of Independence, but the gold standard of public policy in Colorado.


No true American can surrender the right to vote. Each Memorial Day, we honor those who gave their lives to defend the American Way of Life. To sell out their legacy, to treat these men of faith as “suckers,” would be unforgivable.


Patriots should print and hand deliver 100+ fliers to church groups, service clubs, social clubs, coworkers, and anyone else. Email fliers and our web address to everyone you know in Colorado. Make personal calls. We ordinary citizens can’t donate millions for ads and mailers; we count on you. If 100 people each give out 100 fliers, that’s 10,000 fliers; if 10,000 each give out 100 fliers, that’s ONE MILLION.


Don’t say “let George do it;” be Paul Revere. Act this week, and every week until Election Day. Protect Colorado’s economy, ranked #1 in the nation because of our state fiscal limits. Remember how the liars said TABOR would ruin Colorado? Now they shamelessly demand the excess tax revenue growth from our prosperity!


You have 168 hours each week. Is Freedom worth three hours a week (2%) of your time? Our fallen heroes gave ALL their remaining time on Earth to defeat tyranny and defend our rights to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” If you met the Founding Fathers, would you want to tell them you voted to give up your right to vote, FOREVER? That Liberty is too much trouble? That our heritage is out of date?


The only true definition of Freedom is limited government. Tax limitation is human liberation. Say “NO” to bullies and bureaucrats, politicians and prevaricators--the elitists who think they have a right to unlimited money from you. Don’t be a slave; stand up for Freedom. Just say “NO” to Big Government. Do it firmly, strongly, nobly-- with dignity and love. We the People come first. That’s the Golden Rule.