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CDOT Executive Director: Shoshana Lew, a history major in college, became the head of CDOT at age 35 with no engineering or construction management experience due to political connections in Washington, D.C.

Natelson: Proposition CC rife with ballot language abuse

TABOR does not prescribe standard wording for spending cap waivers. One reason may be that TABOR was supposed to limit spending cap waivers to four years in length. But in 2002 the Colorado Court of Appeals misconstrued TABOR to permit spending cap waivers in perpetuity. This gave money-hungry politicians powerful incentives to skew ballot language in deceptive ways. Ballot language abuse has become a Colorado scandal.

With Prop CC, Colorado threatens to copy California

In 1992 Coloradans had the foresight to add to their state constitution the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights (TABOR) to limit government spending and require state and local governments to refund to their owners (the taxpayers) those tax revenues collected in excess of the revenue limit.  In November Colorado citizens will vote on Proposition CC, which would gut TABOR and allow the state to spend excess revenue forever.

Colorado Economics Professor on Proposition CC

Paul Prentice, professor of economics at UCCS, explains why Proposition CC is a forever tax increase and an end to our Taxpayer's Bill of Rights.

Prop. CC will hike your taxes — to pay for politicians' pet projects

If the legislature wants to prioritize roads, bridges, teacher pay, and student success, they can already do that. Instead, they’re relying on misleading information and manipulative ballot language for this tax increase and counting on us to cave to the pressure of crumbling roads and wanting to improve our education system. They’ll be back again next year asking for more — I’ll bet my TABOR tax refund on it.

Don't expect Prop CC to make your commute any easier

After five years in the state Senate, four of them on the Senate Transportation Committee, I can confirm one thing for certain: The current majority party has little interest in addressing our state’s massive infrastructure needs to improve drivers’ experience. They simply want to hold drivers hostage for a tax increase.

If Prop CC passes, prepare for a full repeal of TABOR


Colorado is a unique state for many reasons. Beautiful land, bountiful waters, the Rocky Mountains. However the most unique thing about our state is not physical. It's a law passed in 1992.

No other state in the union has one.

It is a most simple law. If the politicians want to raise our taxes, they have to put to a vote of the citizens. If they want raise our debt, they have to put it to a vote of the citizens. If the tgovernment collects more tax revenue than permitted they have to return the money to us. Simple as that.

Prop CC is a blank check with no expiration date

Remember, politicians can still raise taxes, but with TABOR they have to ask first. What’s wrong with that? And don’t be fooled by the mantra they spout that TABOR doesn’t work. It does. The legislature just doesn’t like the results. Coloradans have rejected the last six statewide tax hikes for good reason. Voters want the government to be more efficient, effective and accountable with the current $32.5 billion dollar budget they already have.