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Buck: Keep the legislature accountable, vote NO on Prop CC

By placing this measure on the ballot, the legislature is trying to steal your money in an off-year election, when most voters aren’t paying attention. It does not matter if you register as a Democrat, unaffiliated, or Republican — You should vote NO on Proposition CC.

Hillman: State government hasn’t earned our trust; vote NO on Prop CC

In 2005, lawmakers asked for a limited, 5-year timeout from the TABOR limit and a permanent change to allow spending to rebound after a recession. They promised to spend the money on education and health care.

But after that measure passed, spending on education and health care actually grew less than everything else in the budget.

Prop CC is far worse because it’s not merely a 5-year timeout. It’s forever.

Columnist Mike Rosen: NO on Proposition CC

Columnist Mike Rosen: NO on Proposition CC

2019 Colorado ballots have already been mailed out to voters. This year
there are no candidate races and only two state-wide propositions as
compared to the raft of complicated ballot measures in 2018. Proposition CC
was referred to the voters by the state legislature, not by citizens 
through petition campaigns.

Proposition CC - Retaining State Government revenue. VOTE NO.

A "yes" vote would allow the state to retain any surplus of revenues in
excess of spending not only in fiscal year 2018-2019 but in all years to

Four reasons to vote no on Proposition CC


Four reasons to vote no on Proposition CC

There are many reasons to vote no on Proposition CC, but for the sake of
brevity, I will stick with the basics.

Reason No. 1: It does raise taxes.

While the first three words of the ballot language for Proposition CC are
"Without raising taxes," this simply isn't true. And it's hard to understand
how proponents can keep a straight face with this one. If the state owes us
money in the form of a refund because we've overpaid our taxes, and if they


Proposition CC is tempting but comes up short

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 7:38 pm

Our View: A Colorado Community Media editorial

It’s a very intriguing proposition.

Vote to forgo a relatively small tax refund and allow the state to spend that money on much-needed programs for K-12 education, higher education and transportation in Colorado.

Conceivably, forever. It’s primarily the permanency of Proposition CC — along with a few other concerns — that has us recommending you vote "no" on this measure.

Voters should defend their TABOR refunds

GUEST COLUMN: Voters should defend their TABOR refunds
Thomas Aiello Oct 5, 2019

Last year, Colorado voters overwhelmingly rejected last year's ballot
measure that amounted to a multibillion-dollar tax increase on families and
businesses. But taxpayers beware: pro-tax activists are back on the ballot
again this November with a measure to weaken Colorado's historic Taxpayer
Bill of Rights, so that they can more easily pass tax increases in the

This year's ballot measure is Proposition CC, which would alter TABOR in a

Politicians mismanage funds; don't reward them with more

The political class can never get enough of the private sector's money. That is why politicians are trying to con voters into passing Proposition CC in November.

Do not give politicians a blank check. They have proven unable to manage what they already have.