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Proposition CC Is A Tax Increase

Under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, or TABOR, state government spending in Colorado is restrained by a revenue cap. It says that if certain tax and fee collections rise faster than the rate of population growth plus inflation, the excess revenue must get sent back to taxpayers in the form of refunds, unless voters give permission for the state to keep the money.


Today, the unemployment rate among Colorado Hispanics is 5.1%, according to numbers released earlier this year. Meanwhile, nationally, Hispanics are seeing unemployment at historic lows. Hispanic homeownership rates are on the rise and last year the Census Bureau reported that the median income for Hispanic households is climbing.

Resist latest attempt to weaken Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights

In 2005, voters were promised that if the state were allowed to keep the excess revenue that should have been refunded to taxpayers under TABOR, the money would be used to boost education spending. Referendum C was approved, but the money never made it to the classroom. “Spending on programs not associated with Referendum C has grown more than twice as fast as spending on education and health care,” former state Treasurer Mark Hillman noted in 2007.

Rebate grabbers at Colorado Capitol try a new scheme

State politicians are scheming to have Gov. Jared Polis call a special session this summer. They need a chance to fix their big problem with Proposition CC.

Prop CC, referred to the ballot by the 2019 Legislature, would gut the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. Surveys show TABOR, passed by voters in 1992, is more popular than ever.

Go ahead, put a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights repeal on the ballot

Come on you taxpayer-hating, consent-loathing, voter-fearing pantywaists.

Cowboy up and put a full repeal of our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights on the ballot. You know you want to. So just do it.

I’m talking to you in the Colorado Legislature who’ve been calling tax increases “fees” because you don’t trust the people who elected you to vote on their own taxes. You who want another “TABOR time out” to nibble away consent and jack up spending limits permanently.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis Is Working On A New Plan To Block Tax Relief

Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D) welcomed conservative economist Art Laffer to the state capitol in Denver today to help gin up Republican support for a potential deal intended to avert taxpayer refunds projected to be sent to Colorado taxpayers in the coming year, with Polis’ ultimate goal being the wounding of the nation’s strongest taxpayer protection measure so that it remains in effect in name only, not in practice.